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Here at Resilient Salon, we are certified in I-tips extensions & Hand-tied weft hair extensions. Want to know more about them? Keep on scrolling down.


How do they work?

I-Tips & Hand-tied weft hair extensions are a type of hair extensions that require no tape, glue or heat for application.  I-Tip extensions are individual strand hair extensions (or small bundles of hair) that are attached to your natural hair strand by strand by a bead. Hand-tied weft are a collection of pieces that have been pre-sewn by hand to create the smallest weft-size possible. 

Extension Services


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Clients must call the salon or book online for an extension consultation before scheduling the actual extension appointment. 

  • The hair is not included in the prices. All Weft and I-Tips need to be ordered. CONSULTATION is REQUIRED

  • Half of the service fee is required to book the extension appointment.

  • The extensions lasts 5-7 weeks before you have to bring them up or remove them.

  • Before installing your new hair extensions, please inspect the hair thoroughly to ensure that it’s the correct length, color, texture, and quality you desire.

  • We encourage you to thoroughly inspect and examine the hair without cutting the zip ties or opening the bundles. 

  • We also recommend combing through the hair with a wet brush, as well as shampooing and conditioning the hair with high quality, professional-grade sulfate-free hair care products while the hair is secured in the zip ties. Treating the hair with quality products is essential prior to and after installation. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure or have doubts about which products to use.

This service includes wash, treatment, blowdry, installation and styling. Installation included 5-7 bundle.

I-Tip Extensions application - $300+

This service includes wash, treatment, blowdry, installation and styling. Installation included 3 rows of hair, if more is needed it will be $45 each per row. 

Weft Extensions application - $250

* Hair must be clean and dry when coming in for this service*

I-Tips Extensions move up (6-8 weeks)- $150

* This price doesn't include wash & blow-dry*

Weft Extensions move up (5-7 weeks)- $65

I-tips Extension Removal- $100

Weft Extension Removal- $35

Extension Care


  • Do not wash your hair for 24-48 hours after initial installation.

  • Wash with a professional Sulfate FREE shampoo and conditioner.

  • Do weekly moisturizing treatments.

  • Oil the mid to ends of the hair at least 2-3 a week.

  • Avoid oil or conditioner at the roots; it may make your extensions slide out or loosen them faster.

  • Sleep in a low braid or ponytail.

  • Sleep with a silk hair bonnet or satin pillowcase.

  • Brush hair a few times a day to prevent tangling.

  • Brush starting from the ends and move your way upwards.

  • Be aware, salt water and chlorine can strip color from the hair.

  • When swimming, coat your hair in conditioner and wear it in a braid or loose high bun.

  • We have noticed that hard water can strip natural and extension hair of color and nutrients. If possible wash with warm and filtered water. Try to invest in a shower filter.

All Colors:


  • Avoid Brazilian Blowouts or keratin treatments on extensions.

  • Avoid Bleaching extensions.

  • Please make sure to air dry at least 80% of the water before Blowdrying. Indirectly blow-dry the top of the weft so it does not hold moisture. 

  • Always use a heat protectant.

  • Avoid sunscreen touching your extensions.

For Blondes:


  • Do not use sunscreen with avobenzone as an ingredient it will transfer color to your hair or extensions. 

  • Be mindful of self-tanners, as they will transfer color to your extension hair. 

  • Sunscreen will cause your extensions to turn an orange/peach color and there is nothing that can be done to get them back to their original color. 
    Always choose a sunscreen without the ingredient: avobenzone.

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